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Water supply to city to be monitored daily

Officials of the Water Resources Department and the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) have been asked to monitor drinking water supply to Bangalore daily, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said.

Civilian-army joint initiative to clean up Outer Ring Road

Sunday morning saw civil and army personnel sprucing up the busy Outer Ring Road near Ejipura in Koramangala here.

The work on the two-kilometre stretch of the Outer Ring Road commenced at 7 a.m. in a joint initiative by the army personnel, residents and Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) employees.

Schools told RTE concerns will be looked into

BANGALORE: Private schools have been told that they will have to abide by provisions of the Right to Education Act. They were, however, reassured that the implementation plan will be modified to address their apprehensions. 


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City buses to get CCTVs



BANGALORE: Every move of BMTC bus commuters, those eyeing to pick their pockets and the crew's behaviour with the general public will soon be under scrutiny. Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation (BMTC) has set in motion the process to install close circuit TV cameras in 500 ordinary buses of Bangalore, with the floating of tenders to procure 1,000 high-end CCTV cameras. 

In about three months, each of these buses will have two CCTV cameras tracking every movement of those on board.

BMTC managing director Anjum Parvez said that thefts, manhandling of passengers, crew behaviour, pilferage by conductors, mischief mongers and ticketless travel will now be under close watch. A centrally located control room will collect feeds from four buses at a time and record 25 frames per second, he added.

The decision to install cameras was taken after two Bhutanese girls were manhandled by the crew of a BMTC Volvo bus along Outer Ring Road last year on December 27.

"In case a passenger complains of a theft during a certain time period during his or her travel, the inbuilt clocking system can even directly lead us to the footage. We can also give police the clipping they would require to investigate any kind of law and order situations in future,"

Explaining the delay in procuring the cameras, he said: "It took us time to analyse the requirements from such cameras and what conditions would they have to be working under. Technical specifications are such that the cameras can capture visuals even at 180 degree angle, in pitch dark conditions and high resolution images, have a recording capacity up to 48 hours at a stretch and work normally even at 45 degrees Celsius temperature."

Besides, the BMTC has chosen ordinary buses for introducing a new initiative to counter the allegation that it earmarks its best services for upmarket passengers. The 500 ordinary buses, particularly newly procured ones, will get CCTVs fitted first and the scheme will be expanded to include all buses in a phased manner.

Parvez said old buses which are no more fuel efficient and have failed emission checks are being phased out and are being replaced by new buses which are Bharat Stage 4 emission norms compliant.  by  Aparajita Ray, TNN